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NZ Society of Soil Science Conference "Soil Science for Future Generations"
1 - 4 December 2014 - The University of Waikato, Hamilton


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From 1st - 4th December 2014 visitors will descend on Hamilton to attend The New Zealand Society of Soil Science (NZSSS) Conference with the theme; “Soil Science for future generations”.  

The four day conference will incorporate the full range of oral presentations and poster sessions similar to the Society’s previous conferences. However, this conference will be a notable event for the soil science profession in New Zealand being the first NZSSS hosted conference since 2008.  This previous conference was attended by more than 200 of New Zealand leading soil scientists, students and practitioners The intervening period has presented many primary production and environmental challenges that have seen the discipline of soil science (and its practitioners) play a vital role in finding solutions and answers.  As New Zealand rises to the challenge of increasing its primary industry exports whilst improving its environmental footprint, it is becoming clear to policy makers, industry bodies, and stakeholders that our country’s soil resources will be a critical component to be understood and managed going forward. This conference offers an excellent opportunity to take stock of our progress to date and to define future needs while raising the awareness of the wider community to soil science. Furthermore, this conference also presents a timely opportunity to focus on our need to foster and support the development of the next generation of soil scientists who will continue the progress made by those who have gone before them.

The aim of the conference is to bring the New Zealand soil community together across a wide range of soil science disciplines and institutes covering research, education, policy, and extension to present their latest science and discuss its implications for our environment, now and into the future. In-line with the theme of the conference, we seek to attract and encourage the involvement of the next generation of soil scientists by making the event highly accessible and relevant to our student population.  

The programme will include an opportunity to present and learn across a wide range of soil related topics such as nutrient management, water quality, soil fertility & plant nutrition, soil quality & function, greenhouse gases, pedology, land application of wastes, microbial biology and soil carbon.

On behalf of the Organising Committee, we look forward to welcoming you to Hamilton this December.

David Houlbrooke - AgResearch
Conference Chair

Conference Organising Committee


Conference Organiser/Contact

Dave Houlbrooke – Chair/convener – Science Team Leader and Soil Scientist at AgResearch
Haydon Jones – Committee financial officer - Soil Scientist at Waikato Regional Council
Natalie Watkins – Committee secretary – Farm systems nutrient analysis – AgResearch
Loius Schipper – Professor of Soil Science- University of Waikato
Megan Balks – Senior Lecturer Soil Sciences – University of Waikato
Reece Hill - Science Team Leader and Soil Scientist – Waikato Regional Council
Sharn Hainsworth – Pedologist at Landcare Research
Gina Lucci – Environmental Scientist at AgResearch
  For general information about the conference, including registration, please contact onCue Conferences at:
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+64 3 546 6330
54 Montgomery Square, Nelson